Sweating while exercising

Sweating while exercising

You have just started your workout but you can already feel the first drops of sweat there. Does this sounds familiar? Nothing is worse than to leave the gym all sweaty. That is why we will give you three tips for during your workout. 

Why do you sweat while exercising?

When you move a lot and make an effort, your body gets warm. Because your body temperature rises, it cools itself down as well. This is why you sweat, and moisture occurs on your skin surface.

There are two kinds of sweat glands in your body. Apocrine and Eccrine sweat glands. The Eccrine sweat glands in your body get into action at a too high body temperature. So these sweat glands are in action during or after a heavy workout and because of this, you sweat on your entire body. More information about sweat glands you can find here.


Why does my sweat stink?

In your sweat and on your skin are bacteria. When the bacteria in the sweat under your armpits, feet, or hands, get in touch with your skin in combination with warmth, this can cause nasty smells. Do you want to know more about this? Read about it here.

Did you know… if you sweat more you also burn more calories.



Sweating during exercise can therefore not be prevented. We do have some tips for sweating during your workouts.

Use a towel

By bringing a towel during exercise you can swipe the sweat off your body. Next to that, it is also more hygienic to use a towel in the gym. Your own sweat stays on the towel so the equipment can also stay clean.

Did you know… during a heavy workout with a warm and moist climate you can lose 1 to 2 litres of fluid.

Sports clothing

Wearing certain materials can affect sweating. When you wear tight, non-breathable sportswear, you sweat a lot more.

If you wash your sports clothing at a too low temperature, bacteria will remain in your clothes. These bacteria ensure that your clothing does not smell completely fresh, especially with polyester sports clothing. It is best to wash sports clothing at 60° to kill all bacteria.

Drink enough water

If you don't drink enough water, this can lead to dehydration. You will notice this when you sweat less, get a dry mouth and become drowsy. In addition, drinking too little can also lead to nausea, muscle cramps, a faster heartbeat and you can pass out.

Stay cool!

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